Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers

The following are provided

  • A wide variety of products that cover particularly demanding projects in the field of aesthetics - design - innovation.
  • Very short delivery time even for imported products.
  • Information on new technologies - innovations of materials and trends either by meeting at our place or at your place or electronically via e-mail or by sending brochures.
  • Possibility of sampling in your space with exhibitors, folders, brochures or directly on the project within two hours if the materials are available.
  • Possibility of photorealism of kitchen - bathroom with special software.


Technical - Design offices

The following services are provided

  • High quality products certified by the strictest companies abroad.
  • Products for special needs such as building coatings, products for the disabled, materials for covering surfaces of very large dimensions 1.50 × 3.00m 1.20 × 1.20m, 1.00 × 1.00m, 90x90cm, 45x90cm, 60x60cm etc.
  • Short delivery time and flexibility.
  • Immediate possibility of sampling at the project or at the headquarters of the company.


The following services are provided

  • Low cost branded materials of high standards.
  • Immediate and flexible delivery.
  • The delivery of the goods is done by experienced drivers in the project with trucks that carry a crane. Before loading, the products are checked for quality and carefully packed in pallets so as to avoid damage during transport. Each palette has its own label which indicates its number and its contents. This makes it easier for the customer to check the materials upon receipt.


The following services are provided

  • Constant information - seminars on topics related to new technological developments in materials and how to apply them.
  • Large stock of materials, covering a wide range of applications.
  • Special offers in specific categories of materials.
  • On-site technical support at the project.
  • Fast and flexible delivery.