The Company


DOM MATERIALIS started its course in the field of import and marketing of decoration and surface covering materials, sanitary ware and adhesive materials as well as grouting materials in 2000. It has the following product categories:

  • Tiles, marble, wood, technogranites, tiles etc.
  • Spa baths, Turkish bath, sauna, washbasins, bath furniture, basins, accessories etc.
  • Adhesives for tiles, marbles, wood,
  • Putties, resins, epoxies, grouts, etc.

It is housed in privately owned facilities (showroom and warehouses) and is based in Nea Makri, Attica, just 20 minutes from the airport and half an hour from the center of Athens. It thus maintains the competitive advantage of low operating costs and therefore prices to the final recipient while at the same time it is easily accessible through major highways. (Attiki Odos, Marathonas Avenue). stored products and ample parking with shading for customers's cars. The target audience is:

  • Individuals with new constructions or Renovation - Restoration of existing ones (houses, apartments, shops, offices)
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Manufacturers
  • Construction Company

DOM MATERIALIS is distinguished for its flexibility, the high level of materials and services, the honesty and consistency in the person who invests in a better quality of life through the environment in which he lives and works.

"With passion and love for what we do, we will try together to design and implement the space you dream of based on your own needs. The space in which you will live, create, enjoy.

In these pages we will try to give you ideas and materials to build and shape the house that will welcome the rest of your life.

In the light of the difficult economic situation we are going through, our job is to make your living environment more beautiful and more functional… ”

Ch. Philipas


From the beginning of its operation in DOM MATERIALIS, we have set as a fundamental principle the selection to represent innovative companies in each species that meet the strictest standards in their field.

At the same time, we set as a limiting factor the selection of these products whose characteristics best meet the needs of man and always bearing in mind that the cost of these materials should be such that they become attractive for purchase. With special agreements we managed to offer to the market innovative products of leading companies abroad at very attractive prices.

The strong points of DOM MATERIALIS could be mentioned as examples:

  • The floor covering materials - walls of branded houses of large dimensions 45 × 45, 30 × 60, 60 × 60, 60 × 120, 40 × 80, 45 × 90, 80 × 80, 100 × 100, 120 × 120, 120 × 180, 100 × 300 etc.
  • Bathroom furniture without size limitation in high quality lacquers made with robotic machines in state-of-the-art production units in Italy and Germany.
  • shower cabins of all dimensions certified with the strictest safety standards and protection against corrosion by water salts.
  • Branded sanitary ware with microporous surfaces for protection against tanning and bacterial growth.
  • Bathtubs made of materials with thermal insulation properties that make them friendlier and more economical to use.
  • Bath accessories with excellent support and very high resistance to oxidation.
  • Bathroom and kitchen faucets.
  • The study and design of the space.
  • The consulting provision of technical knowledge at the level of installation and construction
  • The nationwide coverage.